Which is Better, Memory Foam or Spring Mattress?

The idea of ​​knowing what kind of mattress you should have in your home should be a subject of great interest to all. Sleeping well is a necessity in today’s world and that is why we want to give you quality information.

Why are we talking about memory foam or spring mattress?

Because these represent the most sold mattress types of the rest industry. Additionally, they are very good options to combat stress and poor positioning at bedtime.

Therefore, we present a comparison between both types of mattress to help you decide the best according to your needs.

Memory foam mattress

The mattress made of viscoelastic material is made up of two or more layers. The top being at least 6 cm of viscoelastic material whose main characteristic is to adapt to the shape of the body.

All this, depending on the pressure and temperature of the body. The viscoelastic material takes the shape of our body when we lie down. It takes a few seconds to disappear when the user changes position.

Hence, it is usually known popularly as the mattress with memory effect. This characteristic makes these mattresses the ideal ones for the reduction of the corporal pressure that the viscoelastic material provides getting a great comfort.

It must also be taken into account that the viscoelastic material adapts to the shape of the body. At the same time, the weight exerted is greater in the area of ​​the buttocks and the lumbar area can be left without proper support (although the material has adopted the shape of the column).

The spring mattress

The spring mattresses were, until recently, the option of rest chosen by the vast majority of people.

Depending on the finishes, they can be more similar to those of foam, since the different superposed layers that are incorporated into the core of springs, are usually from one of the three materials that form the foam mattresses.

Depending on the thickness, the effect of the springs will be more or less noticeable.

The problem with spring mattresses is that they give up over time and tend to sink in the center. This generates an incorrect posture of the body and a bad rest.

In addition, although with spring mattresses the ventilation can be greater (in case the upper layer and quilts are not very thick), they can become cold because they conserve very little heat.

Differences between memory foam and spring mattress

Depending on their materials, their characteristics and benefits for rest will be different.


Traditional spring mattresses are the strongest mattresses on the market. When we lie down on them, we will notice that we are resting on a hard surface.

The opposite occurs with foam mattresses (https://gottasleep.com/blogs/sleep-talk/benefits-of-memory-foam-mattress), since they are less firm than the previous ones.

Its firmness depends on the density (kg / m3) of the material, the number of foam layers, their thicknesses and technologies.

It should be remembered that mattresses with the new natural foams are stronger than traditional foams.

Important note: If you like to sleep on hard mattresses, your choice will be, without a doubt, the spring mattresses. If you like to sleep on a soft mattress, the option will be foam mattresses.


In this case, we refer to the feeling of welcome that gives us the mattress and for the most part is determined by the mattress padding.

In addition, spring mattresses without any type of padding do exert pressure on our body.

This makes them unsuitable for those people with circulatory problems or ailments that involve spending a lot of time in bed.

If we like to notice that, the mattress embraces us and we want it to not exert pressure on us, the best thing in this case is the foam mattresses.

The greater the density, the thickness of the foam, the greater the adaptability of the mattress.


In this case, it depends on the quality of the mattress. Spring mattresses are usually more durable as long as they are put to good use, such as not jumping on the bed. They also have perimeter reinforcement, their life is greater.

Low-quality foam mattresses are less durable and tend to deform with continued use. As a result, it’s important to buy a strong bed and a strong bed frame.

As more quality foams are used to manufacture them, the durability of the mattress increases. This is another of the differences between spring mattresses and foam.


Mattresses that breathe better and don’t condense moisture are spring mattresses.

Although the memory foam is increasingly more breathable thanks to the use of open cell technologies that allow the mattress to breathe, its degree of breathability does not even match that of spring mattresses. Therefore, they are not recommended for hot sleepers.


Not all mattresses can be articulated or give elasticity. Given the lower elasticity of the spring, this type of mattresses for articulated beds is not recommended, since the spring can suffer and end up breaking.

It is better to always remain on a horizontal surface. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses can be articulated.

But it depends on the thickness of the mattress, being recommended a thickness of not more than 20 cm for articulated beds.


When it comes to keeping the mattress as new throughout its useful life, it is convenient to put it to good use.

Both spring mattresses and foam mattresses should be rotated at least every three months.

This, so that the weight is shared equally and do not always suffer the same parts of the mattress. If they have padding on both sides, in addition to turning them we must turn them over every three months.

Support surface

Spring mattresses can be supported on any base, whether it is breathable or not.

According to this it will allow us to play with the firmness of the mattress.

If we support them on upholstered bases we will give more firmness, if we support it on slatted bases we will reduce the firmness.

In the case of foam mattresses, it should be supported on slatted bases or upholstered bases with perforated covers. Also, on upholstered in breathable fabrics such as 3D mesh. All this, in order to allow the mattress to breathe and remove moisture.


Mattress firms have advanced when it comes to developing treatments that improve the sanitary conditions of mattresses.

If before you had to be careful with foam mattresses, since given their low breathability could arise problems such as mites, mold, bacteria, nowadays the new foams have treatments that make these problems have disappeared.

Consult with our team about all the options available in the market.

We hope that this comparative has helped you and that you can make a more accurate decision about your mattress than before.